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Endodontics is the Dentistry specialty which is dedicated to the study and treatment of the pathology of the dental pulp. Each tooth has a system of blood vessels and nerves, known as the dental pulp. This dental pulp is situated inside the tooth, extending to each of the roots via root canals. If the dental pulp is infected by bacteria (owing to extensive caries, dental trauma, gum disease,..), the tissues to be found there (blood vessels and nerves) necrotize, in other words, "they die". An abscess may also form which tends to invade neighboring tissues, causing pain and swelling. It thus becomes necessary to remove the dental pulp, eliminating the bacteria and disinfecting the canals which will be duly sealed so that no new infection occurs. This procedure is called Endodontic treatment, popularly known as Root Canal treatment.

The deployment of state-of-the-art technology such as Endodontic Microscopy, the Machined Preparation of canals and Obturation by Thermal Compaction, makes this procedure much safer, speedier and more effective with success rates exceeding 90%.


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João Vinagre

Clinical Cases

Experience combined with knowledge and the use of appropriate techniques allow extraordinary results.
Here are some examples of the treatments carried out at Iro.

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