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Periodontology is the specialist field of Dentistry which treats gum diseases.

The signs of said inflammation are the alteration to the colour, which changes from pink to red, the swelling, the tendency to bleed and sometimes pain and even their stripping.

When said inflammation is not controlled, the bone below the gums starts being eroded, the teeth gain mobility and may even come away from the bone having, at this time, Periodontitis. It has been proven that patient suffering from periodontal disease have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular and kidney problems and when they are diabetics, periodontal inflammation makes it hard to control diabetes.

When this type of pathologies is diagnosed, it is important for the Dentist to verify their causes. It is known today that there are no miraculous mouthwashes and toothpastes, and hence, the intervention of the oral health professional is vital to treat the disease and prevent its reoccurrence!

Clinical Cases

Experience combined with knowledge and the use of appropriate techniques allow extraordinary results.
Here are some examples of the treatments carried out at Iro.

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